Total Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Nothing is more frustrating for a chiropractor than a patient who has chronic low back pain and can’t find relief. Usually these patients bring with them multiple factors that could be contributing to their pain. Most have had prior testing that either shows a structural problem – or that shows nothing, which is the case in many situations. Along with our total treatment process, we also train and support our clients regarding their suffering and the best methods to alleviate it.

What makes treating the chronic back pain sufferer truly frustrating is the lack of correlation between impairment, disability and perception of pain. One study found that an individual’s disability could be explained by performance. Yet other researchers point out that spinal range of motion and muscle strength, which are the primary aspects of some rehabilitation programs, have not been shown to be effective.

Therefore, there needs to be a shift toward providing a treatment approach that addresses stabilization, techniques that focus on the local level, involving segmental muscles. The patient can then be moved into comprehensive stabilization, training and conditioning muscles on multiple levels. The total treatment approach involves an effective assessment, identifies the areas that need to be addressed and then provides the right rehabilitation program and tools to increase function, decrease disability and reduce pain.

And with the back pain epidemic continuing to rise, experienced chiropractors know that we must use all of our knowledge, training and techniques to create logical and effective methods to resolve your particular individual issues.  Addressing adhesions and faulty movement patterns is essential prior to progressing to an exercise program. Focusing on back stability, balance and endurance, rather than low back

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