Newest Treatment for Back Pain at CFCC!

Conyers Family Chiropractic Center Acquires State of the Art Decompression Table

The doctors and staff at CFCC are always excited to offer the finest services to their clients and the acquisition of the Triton® DTS Decompression Table designed and manufactured by Chattanooga Clinic Group.

Chattanooga Clinic Traction provides clinically-proven pain treatment that gets to the root of Cervical and Lumbar Pain, allowing clinicians to mimic the feel and effectiveness of hands-on treatment using fully programmable patterns.

Clinical Benefits of Traction Therapy

Research points to the beneficial effects of traction because it can distract joint surfaces, reduce protrusions of disc material, stretch soft-tissue muscles and mobilize joints.

These effects provide many patients with pain relief from spinal dysfunction. The stimulation of sensory mechanoreceptors that occurs with the application of traction may also gate pain transmission.

The Triton DTS Traction System can be used to relieve peripheral radiation/sciatica and pain associated with:


• Joint Pain• Disc Pain• Bulging discs• Herniated discs• Degenerative Joint Disease• Protruding discs• Degenerative Disc Disease

• Compression Fractures

• Posterior Facet Syndrome• Acute Facet problems• Radicular pain• Prolapsed discs• Spinal root impingement• Hypomobility• Facet Syndrome



Right now, CFCC is offering a series of twelve decompression table treatments at an unbeatable rate of $40 per treatment.  Why?  Because we feel so strongly about the results that you will achieve, the reduction in pain, the improvement in mobility and the significant improvement in your life, that we want to offer this capability.

Don’t forget. Call NOW!!

This is a limited time offer and similar fees are as much as $120 per session!

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