Chiropractors Help Baby Boomers Age Better

• If you take vitamins, take them with a meal to allow for proper absorption.

• If you do not currently take vitamins, consider taking additional nutritional supplements, such as vitamins D and C, magnesium, zinc and silica, after consulting with your doctor of chiropractic.

At Conyers Family Chiropractic Center our professional staff can help you customize a complete wellness program that is right for you.


The average person should stretch to prevent the bowing, or stoop, caused by shortening of ligaments. A stoop can inhibit normal breathing.

• Stretch the back leg muscles. Facing a wall, place both hands on the wall with one leg bent and one behind you, but flat on the floor. Lean into the wall. Or sit with one foot on the floor, and the other on an ottoman. Bend forward toward the raised foot.

• Stretch inner thigh and groin muscles by sitting on the floor with one leg bent to the side and back as far as possible. Lean forward to stretch. A relaxed stretch is the goal, do not “over stretch”.


Walking improves elasticity in blood vessels, which makes them less susceptible to formation of aneurysms or rupture.

• For those who have not been physically active, begin slowly. Start with one-third of a mile three days a week for a month, and gradually increase to at least one mile a day. Begin at a slow pace and work up to a brisk pace. This will improve your cardiovascular function.

Other types of exercise

• Many seniors enjoy not only the physical benefits of golf, but the social benefits as well.

• Swimming is an especially helpful exercise for people of all ages. The water’s natural resistance offers a challenging cardiovascular workout, while the buoyancy lowers the amount of stress on muscles and joints.

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