Baby Boomers (and their families) Should Read This!

We know someone whose father, in his 80’s said, “You’ve got to be tough to get old.”, and while that statement may have a lot of truth in it, there are ways that the professionals here at Conyers Family Chiropractic Center can make aging a more gentle and enjoyable time by becoming your helpful partner in your health care picture to help improve and safeguard the years you have ahead.

Many people don’t realize that growing older doesn’t have to mean dealing with daily or frequent aches and pains…or having a hard time getting around. With good health, your aging years can be the most productive and enjoyable time of your life.

So whether it’s you or someone you love, take a moment to read this article and find out how to make the right choices for a healthy future and for yourself or for those you love.

Healthy Habits

Good habits are meant to last a lifetime…and it’s never too late to start! In fact many of the “stereotypes” of aging can be avoided with good habits, understanding and attitudes.

For example did you know that I.Q. scores do not necessarily go down with age if you are healthy? Or that disease is not caused simply by aging?

Clearly, if you can make healthy choices everyday about your diet, lifestyle and health care these can best help you attain a pain free and promising future. And working with your body naturally through a professional chiropractic program may hold special rewards.

The aging population in our country has been called our “fastest growing minority.” Yet with the good news, there are some serious challenges:

  • At least 86% of all elderly people have some kind of chronic illness. (In fact, the average elder has three such conditions).
  • 50% of hospital beds are occupied by the elderly.
  • Low back pain affects up to 90% of those over 65, costing nearly 1 billion dollars per year in Medicare payments(U.S.)
  • 42% of persons over 65 are limited in function.
  • Nearly 33% of our elderly population experience falls each year.

These high statistics reflect special problems for our seniors. The traditional health care system has not been able to meet these enormous needs. Frequently prescribed medicines may present another dilemma. While often necessary and helpful, caution is warranted. Major side effects such as confusion, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, memory problems and falling are common because of the effect of age on medications. In fact, many elderly are hospitalized each year just because of bad reactions to a prescription drugs! This is worsened by the fact that half of older adults do not use their prescriptions correctly.

Surgery for our seniors often poses further risk and hardships.

This means it is well worth your while to maximize and maintain your health and mobility naturally as you age. Because chiropractic care offers a unique focus on your overall health – including preventative care, you may find it quite welcome as a part of your health care.

Healthy Help

Chiropractic treatment is a drug less, painless and surgically free health care approach. Millions of people have achieved satisfaction during a century of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic offers a conservative, holistic approach that addresses your whole person – not just an isolated part. Special emphasis is given to preventative care – which includes healthy life choices in diet, stretching and exercise, as well as comprehensive musculoskeletal care.

This is especially encouraging for seniors. More than 30% of all regular medical office visits by elderly patients were for musculoskeletal complaints such as joint pain, backache and difficulties in walking.

Often, medical doctors use a variety of drugs including analgesics and tranquilizers or even surgery to treat these conditions. Yet most musculoskeletal conditions are commonly cared for by chiropractic physicians without the use of drugs or surgery!

Your chiropractic care may include “adjustments” of the spine and musculature which are performed with the aid of a hand held Activator® instrument. The goal of adjustments is to help allow the body to the best function and repair itself.

Additional treatments such as hot and cold therapy or special home programs for nutrition and exercise may also be used. A thorough examination and health history by your chiropractor will determine what is best for you.

CFCC And You

As trained professionals with many years of college study, additional certifications in specific areas, the staff at Conyers Family Chiropractic Center through proper evaluation, can offer you a sensitive, thoughtful diagnosis and an appropriate care program to put you on track to a better you.

The objective of chiropractic care is to help you perform better and live pain free.  What we want for you at CFCC is to stay healthy, limber and strong . . . and to work with your body’s natural healing capacity for a longer, happier and independent life.

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